설날 Korean New Year's Day BOX

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A limited box with Korean New Year's Day 설날 theme.

Korean new year's day is one of the biggest holidays and there are a lot of traditional things to do.
It's January 1st in the lunar calendar and this year, it's Feb 11th.

-We eat tteok-guk떡국 every morning of new year's day with family. It's quite different to add different ingredients to tteokguk by family but normally we add seaweeds and egg.
-The tteokguk and seaweed we prepared are both vegan and halal for all of kkaebi crews!
-A small Korean traditional snack Yakgwa is included as a dessert too!
-It's a tradition to bow elders at new year's day(세배) wearing hanbok. People bow for respect and wish health to elders. After youngers bow, they get a 세뱃돈. Which means cash gift.
-We prepared a cute handmade hanbok coin wallet(random color) with (real)money. A 1,000won!

To make all the kkaebi crews meet korean culture, this one is prepared at a special price!  
Get this epic box now!
Limited sale till Feb 20th.

Happy new year!