Korean book subscription box

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This is a subscription service for Korean books.

-Bi-monthly, every odd month(1,3,5,7,9,11)

After a quick survey, we select korean books with your interest and level.

Everyone will receive different books each time.

"SURVEY" >> Please complete before or after you place your order.


If you need to adjust your level after you received the box, feel free to change!

Just leave us a message, DM or email.

For the first month of your subscription, you'll get a Hangul calligraphy book with your book.

After then, you'll receive 1 book every bow with 1~2 related items.

Subscription is made every month 1st~20th and will be sent out to you on the last day of each month. 

Changes made between 21th~last day will be reflected from the next month.

-If you cancel your subscription on September 23th, you still get a september box. Subscription from November will be canceled.



-We don't charge you automatically for every boxes. we send notification email for every 2month, you can buy next month's than.

-Select 'subscription' and buy 1 box to get. If you want 2~3 boxes at once, adjust the quantity.