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Looking for some new and unique tea?

In this box, you can find 3 types of Korean traditional teas with snacks.

You'll see the package of each tea box is unique and special. There is a drawing of Korean heritage, Popular places and Korean Independence activists. You will receive every 1 box of them.

Every box has 4 teabags inside and you'll get a total 12 teabags.

With tea, we also prepared some korean traditional tea snacks.

First one is YAKGWA which was eaten in the palace before. Flower shaped rice cookies are fried and covered with honey. It's quite sweet and chewy.

Second, HANGWA. It's Korean traditional snack. fried cookies covered with poped rice. Especially this one is from Jeju island. Bit of korean orange juice included.


Hope you have a cozy afternoon with TEA BOX