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What does Korean winter look like?

Carefully selected merches which perfectly show korean winter days.


For this winter themed box, You will receive.

  • A box of Bungeopang cake snack.

In Korea, winter is season of streetfood. A lot of people are waiting winter fot this. There's funny meme that "You should carry cashes in winter" just for these street foods!

Bungdoppang(Fish shaped bun) is one of the most popular streetfoods in Korea. This snack is not perfectly same like original, but still tasty.


  • A  fluffy socks aka sleeping socks (random color)

To avoid coldness most Korean wear this fluffy socks. There's various design, but we choosed this design fo daily wear. Soft and fluffy bed socks will make even your feelings better.


  • A handmade knit scrunchie (random color)

Staying home all days, long hair may disturbs you. What about bun hair with season matching scrunchie?


  • 3 Sticks of Korean citron(Yuja) tea

In Korea, we usually eat this yuja tea in winter to heat your body or feel better when you sick. Sweet and refreshing taste will makes your feel better.


  • A Korean hand warmer aka Hot pack

Must-have item for Korean winter. Shake it to make hot, it lasts 15-18 hours at 64℃(147.2°F). Take it with you when you need to stay outside for a long time.