막걸리 Makgeolli box

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A full set of korean style makgeolli box.

What's in the box?

You will receive

  • 1 makgeolli(raw rice wine) making kit

-You can make 1.8L (60oz) with this kit in a single day!!

-Makgeolli is Korean traditional wine made with raw rice. 


  • 1 kimchi pancake mix +1 potato pancake mix

-We like to drink makgeolli with specific kind of foods named 'Jeon(Korean pancake)' It's one of traditional dishes lot of people enjoy. There're many kinds of jeon but I prepared 2 kinds of it. Potato and Kimchi.  It's kind of culture to eat these on rainy day. Cuz the sound of frying jeons are quite same as raining sound. It reminds people to eat them!


  • 2 retro style makgeolli bowls

Not like other drinks, we don't use shot glass or cups to drink it. A stainless or wooden bowl is used to drink. As it's drink for farmers, they liked to drink at once. Here comes 2 pieces of own margeolli bowls for you!

for real korean style, all you need is included.

Enjoy korea at your home :)