[HANCL] KKAEBI's 한국어 Club

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Starts : 2021-08-01 ~ 2021-08-31  KST (30days) 

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This program is made for self Korean learners who wants to practice and improve speaking and writting skills.

Writting : Our Korean manager gives you small writting missions twice a week and make a you a correction.

Speaking : We have 60min Zoom sessions every weekend. With every subject you make sentences and practice speaking with Korean manager.

You also can get exclusive discounts for the Korean books on KKAEBI

We currently have 2 Korean managers to help you. They'll correct the word or sentences you upload, check your daily studylog and answer your questions.


*Weekly group call : Your choice to join! 1 hour group meeting every weekend 

*1:1 Video call : 40min a month use your time with your preference.

4 times with 10 minutes or 2 times with 20 minutes or 40 mins once

(no need to show you face!)

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Febe Marie Academia
Really great atmosphere!

Really love everything about the program! It really pushes you to continue forward with Korean self-learning and you even have an avenue to ask questions.


Hancl's community course kept me motivated because I have to share my daily study routine with the other members, also it encourages me to use my poor korean during zoom meetings "which were my favourite part during the course", also I had to ask the manager any questions I had about the language and she was very nice and really helpful 🙏🏻💞

Mira Malczyk
May's HANCL course

So as I said before I won another free month of Hancl's premium community course 😮 Yaaay 🥳🥳🥳💓💓💓
We started May course last Saturday & I can already feel it's positive impact on my Korean language skills 🥺💓
Because we had to try our best to write in Korean while sharing our daily study routine, that made me squeeze my brain and try my best to use all the vocabularies/ grammar I know 🥺💞
Also during our weekly zoom group call we try to use Korean, so that made me to step outside my comfort zone and feel free to embarrass myself to achieve my goal, Korean fluency 🙏🏻💞
Our first mission was to write a paragraph of at least three sentences in Korean, I got scared at first but once I started everything went smoothly 🙏🏻💞
Now we have another mission which I'm really excited for 💓 From our favourite song we had to choose 10 words of which we don't know the meaning, translate and make new sentences with 😮 Scary I know 😖 but still I'm really excited to do it 💓
I choose the song, picked out the words and translated 'em, but still didn't make the new sentences 😅 Wish me luck 🥺🙏🏻

Zahra Ali

ı love learning korean because ı want to go to university. ı also live there and that's why ı learn korean

worth it

I joined standard program and the manager was nice and tried her best to help me. The group call on every weekend was the best. I can learn a lot of new words and expressions through it. will join next time too