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Best box ever to meet Korean BBQ at home!


Perfectly selectes merches to do Korean BBQ at home. Both pork and beef!


What's in the box?

  • Beef ( Korean beef bulgogi marinade & Glass noodle)

  • Pork ( Herbal salt & Bibim ramen)

-Koreans use this herbal salt A LOT when they're grilling. (with anything! pork, beef, chicken)

-It enhance taste easily and also good to carry for camping.

-Bibim noodles with grilled is perfect and beloved combination in Korea. If you havn't tried it yet, YOU SHOULD!


  • A set of Korean BBQ scissors and tong.

-It's common in Korea to use cooking scissors and tongs when you're cooking. It might be unfamiliar, but It's way easy to cook and comfortable!