KKAEBI Subscription box

  • $ 125
  • $ 165
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For this box,

You can get every KKAEBI boxes or exclusive hidden boxes monthly.

You can save about $7 to get this random box than our regular themed box! (and get extra discount too)


Get our epic boxes at better price to subscribe!


Subscription plan : Deliver a box every slected month(monthly/bi-monthly). We don't charge you automatically. Just send you a payment invoice link and you can pay through it.

Pre-paid plan : You pay whole amount of plan now, get discount and get boxes automatically every month! 

**We only accept prepaid option for shipping zone A now.

(Austria, Canada, Hongkong, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States)

If you want to get only one time, choose "I'll get just 1 box / Default "