Haechi, Air freshener

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Have you guys heard of this HAECHI(해치)?

This korean legendary creature is also called Haetae. Prevents all the bad things.

This haechi is known for eating fire to be an icon of preventing fire.

That's why you can see a lot of this haechi at koean palace. They're made of woods mostly.

Keep your own haechi or gift to your lovers to bring you good luck and peace!



handmade air freshener gift

5ml refil oil included.


haechi korean design gift air freshener inerior unicorn lion foo dog haetae korean lion guardian angel


Size : 9*5*7cm

Blue iceberg : not sweet, gentle and clean

Pierce : masculine, woody

Aventus : auqa & fruity, soft

White light : sweet and soft

Maybe baby : white blossom

Mademoiselle : Chanel coco, jasmin and rose

Crystalline : lotus, snadal wood, pure and clean

One Thousand Nights : pink blackpepper

Tropicalia : fresh fruits, sweet and cool

Pravia : bulgarian rose, lavender

Ninfeo Mio : fresh forest, green woody

Clean Cotton : fresh and clean

Black Cherry : sweet and deep black cherry