KKAEBI is inspired by DOKKAEBI,

korean legendary creature.

This friendly and loving korean

goblin's favorite thing is to collect

valuable things and make them with magic.

Therefore, KKAEBI collects

all the valuable things from Korea.

Korean themed boxes

kkaebi box

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From kkaebi crews over the world

  • Unbelievably awesome. Was a gift for son. He loves it. Will be buying at least 2 more!!!


  • Its comfortable, the sizing is perfect.


  • I love it, it's so beautiful and detailed!!


  • The case fits perfectly! I really appreciate how everything was packaged with care. Thank you for the product.


  • Such a high quality item! Exceeded my expectations and is even more beautiful in person : ) Thank you so much for the best customer service and being so personable Hyeon!!


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